Welcome to Milk & Mother! I am so glad you're here. My name is Allie Woods, and I'm the creator behind this passion project. Although I was born and raised in Northern Illinois, I currently live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband (who dragged me here), two young kids (one of which is pictured here with her beautiful smile...), and our pup. I am an RN, a tandem breastfeeder, a homebirther, a type 3wing2, a seeker of holistic health, and an avid reader. 

I've worked alongside families for the better part of a decade, and more specifically have worked directly with mothers and infants for the past three years, although my passion for this work developed at a young age (my mom always says if I could have breastfed my younger siblings, I would have...totally true).

When my son was born, I gained new perspective and realized the true importance of an old-age village. As mothers and fathers, we aren't meant to do this alone. I have witnessed firsthand the invaluable reward of a support system for new parents.

With that in mind, I honed in on my wide variety of skills and passions to create Milk & Mother, designed to meet your every breastfeeding need; from first latch to weaning. We exist for one simple purpose; to equip families to create lasting breastfeeding relationships with the personalized support they deserve. When parents feel informed, empowered, encouraged, and heard - everyone wins! When you hire Milk & Mother, you're hiring me and my passion for providing mothers and families with the power and knowledge to make breastfeeding achievable!